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Review of Business and Economics


RBE aims to promote and publish research in the scope of Business Administration and Economics. We aim to reach a level where we will be able to provide sources of scholarly research work. By not charging any amount, we aim to facilitate researchers to publish their work. We further aim to produce such research where theoretical premises are applied to the practical world. Various aspects and varieties of business and economic activities are to be explored and investigated for the development and growth of business and economy. Both empirical and exploratory research works are published.

We Do Not Charge any Fee for the Publication, Processing, or Reviewing of Articles


  1. To provide a research platform to scholars, teachers, students, and general researchers
  2. To develop a scholarly community to develop a research culture in our country
  3. To promote local and international research in the fields of business and economics
  4. To facilitate new researchers by publishing their work
  5. To publish research that can have some practical impact on the private and public sectors of Pakistan and the region
  6. To provide free of cost quality research to the researchers
  7. To promote knowledge sharing and building on the existing blocks of knowledge
  8. To develop communication between academia, industry, policy-makers, and decision-makers


RBE covers and publishes the policy-relevant theoretical and applied research papers in Business and Economics along with related fields.

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