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Peer review is a crucial element for evaluating research work. It is to ensure the quality and integrity of scholarly research work. We greatly acknowledge and recognize the contribution of reviewers as it is a volunteer effort for the promotion of research. The review process is scientific, and the quality of published research is very much dependent on the review process. Nevertheless, the reviewers have some basic guidelines to ensure good quality publications.

Peer Review

It is a process of reviewing the research work of our peer researchers and providing an unbiased opinion to assess, evaluate, and improve the research quality. In addition, independent researchers study the research work from various angles, including significance, validity, originality, and scope, to help the journal's editorial board decide to accept or reject a research paper for publication. There are different types of peer-reviewing. The commonly used are Blind Peer Review and Double-Blind Peer Review. RBE follows the process of Double-Blind Peer Review. In this process, the authors do not know the reviewer, and the reviewer does not know the authors whose work is reviewed. This provides transparency, unbiasedness, and fairness.

How to Perform a Peer Review

The reviewers are requested to study the ethical guidelines and the guidelines for authors to ensure compliance. RBE provides a Peer-Review proforma to the reviewers, which reviewer's name, affiliation, and official email address. The proforma further includes the manuscript ID and the title of the research article. The reviewers are required to provide their assessment under the following heading using a Likert scale (Very Good, Good, Average, Poor, and Very Poor):

  • General Comment
  • Introduction
  • Methodology and Literature
  • Results
  • Discussion and Conclusion
  • References
  • Others

Some basic suggestions to the reviewers are:

  • Provide your consent and review in time
  • Keep the contents of the paper confidential and do use or allow to use of the contents by any other person
  • Please provide crisp and to the point comments within the scope of the work
  • Reviewersers are expected to provide constructive comments and refrain from negative criticism of the research work
  • Please give adequate time to review a paper so that the review's objectives are achieved.
  • Kindly provide consistent feedback on the articles that your review without any prejudice
  • While reviewing a research paper written by non-native researchers, kindly be tolerant and emphasize only those parts which change the meaning.
  • You may start with the conclusion
  • Please check the results in detail
  • Please give credit wherever it is due

To Become a Reviewer of RBE

The research community members are requested to be a part of RBE as a reviewer. The editorial board acknowledges the contribution of all the reviewers to the development of research in Pakistan.

Recognition for Reviewers

Due to secrecy, double-blind peer review is conducted. The names of reviewers are also kept secret, and these are not displayed anywhere on the website or in the journal material. Nevertheless, we acknowledge their contribution and highly appreciate their contribution.

Reviewers can get themselves registered with Publons, where a record of reviewers and their work is maintained.


RBE covers and publishes the policy-relevant theoretical and applied research papers in Business and Economics along with related fields.

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